Squabble and hypocrisy at Philippine election

Even if the formal campaign period for the May 2022 presidential elections has not started, bickering between and among rival followers of the candidates are already heating up.
Charges and counter charges flood the social media, some below the belt, some outrageous, some repetitive, some funny, and some pure none sense.
There are even posts by people feeling authoritative, maligning others of their choices. This blatant display of hypocrisy erodes the value of democracy. Are they not aware that if they say that those who favor candidate other than their choice are stupid, that argument also applies to them?
Nobody, not even those who belong to the top social ladder nor the highly educated and intelligent individuals, has the monopoly and the authority to define and determine who is the best among the candidates.
Election is a democratic process that allows the people to vote who they prefer. Maligning others on their choice is disdainful.

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