How strong can a person be?
In the midst of oddity
In cruelty and betrayal
In the world where truth
Is hidden, evaded incessantly.

How strong can a person be?
Alone in darkness
Muted in silence
Muddled with hypocrisy
Drowned in temerity.

How strong can a person be?
When water flows freely
Gushing in deadens face
Gasping for breath, yelling
Where is peace, equality?

How strong can a person be?
Where only hope relies in Thee
At blinking stars and shining moon
To majestic rays seeping at dawn
And to flowers that bloom.

How strong can a person be?
When folded knees shake
And clasped hands moistened
With stiffened muscles
Heavy feet lift not a single step.

How strong can a person be?
An unanswered question
Like a myth, truth is unknown
How strong can a person be?
Relatively personal, no one can see.

Broken Record

It is sunny,
yet inside
pouring rain drains me
like wilted plant
I am soggy,
bereft with life
drowned in misery.

Endless stream
flows unceasingly
haunted by past, so uncanny;
like broken record
stocked, unmoved
plays repeatedly.

Strong wind, I pray passes
and drive, and swift
and take it away
break it to dust
spread like stardust
to nowhere it remains untouched.

Tribute to Mothers

Special persons He created.
To bring forth life and glory
Unconditional love, she offers readily.
She shares so willingly.

A nanny and a buddy, darling to her baby
Always ready to ease the weary
Comforting hugs given spontaneously
Joy she brings profusely.

No single word can describe her wholly
Nor praise or accolade equal the humility
Of motherhood she performs pensively
Unselfishly and diligently.

On your special day we acknowledge
Praise the braveness you exude!
In performing excruciatingly
The mother role endowed to you specially.


Up and down, we climb like a lift
Swirl and whirl, we turn like a wheel
To and fro, like a boomerang we go
In a needle, sometimes we go through.

Like the wind, our dreams fly high
Like the shadow, our failures haunt us
Like the thread, we lose our end
Like an ember, we mellow, we flicker.

Rainbow color, our life is a hue
Bright and windy, can be like weather too
Calm and serene, down in a river we flow
Bumpy and rocky, at times, but still we go.

There’s no stopping, life’s phases continue
As frequent as moon changes its faces too
Like the ebbing and rising of tide life curve flows
For dear life we grapple, we hang on to.


Peering through an opaque glass
Your image flickers in the light
The blurry contour of your body
Stands like shadow….haunting me.

Extending my hands, I tried to reach you
Touch your shadow, try to feel you
But as I come close to holding you
Out you vanished, left me in awe.

Are you there or you’re just pigment
My rich imagination has created
Or are you a
dream, or just a vision
Borne out of
loneliness and misery.