Nobel Peace memories, ironies, and fun

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The recent #Nobel Peace Award extended to journalist #Maria Ressa took me back to the time when I covered the 2008 awarding of #Martti Ahtisaari, considered the father of #Kosovo. Mr. Ahtisaari was recognized for brokering peace between Kosovo and Serbia. He also contributed to peace talks in Namibia, Indonesia, and Iraq.
This brought more ironies to Ms. Ressa’s winning because nowhere I can find in my research that she has brokered peace either locally or abroad. #Rappler, the news agency which she heads, spews news reports that cause more confusion rather than peace and divisiveness rather than unity.
Rappler has also no qualm in exposing its biases. It recently launched an online survey asking the people who they will vote for president in the coming May 2022 elections. It immediately withdrew the survey when its result favored a candidate other than it is rooting for.
If the Nobel Peace…

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