The year that was…who we are and how we have become

The year 2020, if taken literally, means perfect vision. However, contrary to its ophthalmologic connotation, it was blurry, opaque, and myopic. To many, if not all, it was a period of shattered hopes, broken dreams, and boundless uncertainties.

News of heart-breaking stories due to COVID19, storms, earthquake, and volcanic eruption flooded the social media. The devastating effect of the virus almost pushed to the limit people’s faith and resolved, both in God and in the government.

It was hard to hurdle the challenges of fighting an unforeseen enemy just as it was hard to contain nature’s wrath. Keeping our sanity during the year was also tough. Much as we need to remain positive, the dreary circumstances around us are depleting our energy.

Meanwhile, amid the horrific pandemic and calamities, the world found a respite on the zarzuela led by President Trump. Though annoying, it geared us away from the sorry news of deaths and frustrations.

Mr. Trump and his loyal allies’ refusal to concede and accept the defeat was a smack on the face of America’s democracy. His charges of rigged election depicted Filipinos’ dirty political jargon: pag nanalo, nandaya, pag natalo, dinaya. (when you win, you cheated__when you lose, you were cheated.)

Grace too is not a virtue among many politicians.  I still look forward though for the time when Filipinos learn how to wisely exercise their right to vote and when they finally realize that they have the power to effect political change in the country.

Moving on, the bleak year, meanwhile, opened to may realizations and opportunities that somewhat got lost due to our busy lives. The quarantine imposed to curtail the spread of the virus made families closer. The absence of immediate remedy strengthened our faith and belief to the Holy Ghost. Survival was high, pompous living style was sidelined; we all went back to basic needs.

And personally, this year brought out so many realities in my life that I either refused or ignored during the past years. It was also a remarkable year, I reaped my ROI, I became a grandma.

It was a tumultuous year but nonetheless, we pulled through.  We hurdled the battle unscathed. While our hearts are bleeding for the families whose loved ones perished, we still have more to be thankful for.

We thank God for the gift of life, for the experiences that made us stronger, and for the countless blessings that helped us know who we are and what we have become.

A blessed New Year to everyone.

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